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Where to Buy Sea Buckthorn Oil

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If you’re looking to revitalize and moisturize your skin, nails, and hair, would do you think would be better: the latest, hyped up beauty product on the market, or an all natural product that has been a proven success for a variety of purposes including beautifying for over 1,300 years?

Obviously you should go with the time-tested results, and thus, sea buckthorn oil.

How does sea buckthorn oil work?

One reason many people buy sea buckthorn is because it contains the rare, yet powerful Omega 7 fatty acid. This is what promotes the proper cellular function and health that later leads to beautiful hair, skin and nails. It is also a major player in the creation of collagen, which is essential because as we age, our bodies produce less and less collagen. Less collagen production leads to skin issues and wrinkles, but when you buy sea buckthorn oil, your problematic skin blemishes will easily go away, naturally. No excessive make up or lotions or creams needed.

Why buy sea buckthorn oil?

Loaded with omega fatty acids that are absolutely essential to healthy skin, strong, smooth nails, and lustrous hair, sea buckthorn is one of the best natural beauty products out there today. It has been used for traditional purposes for centuries (used for healing arts and rejuvenation), and in these modern times, sea buckthorn oil is used primarily to promote a natural external glow.

If you buy sea buckthorn oil, you can be expected to have:

  • Smooth, richly-moisturized skin (no more cracks and dryness)
  • More energy than ever before
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • A better, more efficient immune system
  • Less wrinkles and facial lines
  • Rich, luxurious and rejuvenated hair (no more faded coloring or brittle, damaged hair)

Scientific research has also discovered many new benefits for sea buckthorn oil. Rich in natural antioxidants, it vastly improves your overall bodily health, from the cardiovascular to the nervous systems. Maintaining these systems becomes more and more difficult for our bodies with age, but with this natural product, you can ward off the effects of age without ingesting potentially dangerous chemicals or going through the daily nuisance of taking several pills and applying various creams and lotions.

Also, many people buy sea buckthorn oil to decrease or eliminate acne. Thus, it not only improves the condition and appearance of your skin, but it can easily rid your face and body of unwanted acne.

Losing Weight With Sea Buckthorn Oil

Do you find your waistband size going up and your motivation to wear form-fitting clothes going down? Has age put an extra spring in your tummy instead of your step? Weight gain is a common problem among women of all ages, and five extra pounds can add stress and anxiety to anyone’s life. When you’re already busy and tired, that’s the last thing you need!

The most commonly recommended solutions (dieting and exercise) tend to make you hungrier, more time-poor, and more sore than you’d probably like. Instead, consider losing weight with sea buckthorn oil, a natural product that can help you shed the pounds like they were never there.

Dr. Oz, a well known authority on weight loss, featured sea buckthorn oil in an episode due to its effectiveness. He said that it’s one of the most effective weight loss supplements out there, perhaps because it has omega-7 fats which trigger the body to reduce the amount of fat it stores. Sea buckthorn oil can therefore help you keep the weight off for longer than other products.

One form of proof offered by Dr. Oz is the study done on weight gain in mice. Two groups of mice were fed fattening diets, while one also had their diet supplemented with sea buckthorn oil. While the first group without the supplements suffered weight gain and obesity, the second did not.

The SIBU brand is highly recommended. “Sibu RAW” is the purest form of sea buckthorn they offer, as it’s a simple puree of the highest-quality berries offered in a 16 fl oz bottle. No preservatives or additives are in it, so it’s 100% sea buckthorn berry you’re getting for the price.

You need to take Sibu RAW every day. 30ml to 60ml should be a sufficient daily dose for eight weeks, as the puree is the purest form of the berry and you won’t need to drink additional quantities to compensate for “filler” like water and preservatives. You should begin seeing results within mere weeks. Berry form, juice, and oil caplets are some of the other methods you can use to take sea buckthorn berry oil for weight loss — up to 500mg in tablet form, according to Dr. Oz.

If you want to save more money, you can purchase sea buckthorn oil, puree, or juice in bulk. A bundle of bottles will often cost less money than purchasing several individual ones. If you’re already experiencing the often-dubbed miraculous weight loss associated with sea buckthorn, this is a great way to save money while shedding those pounds you’d like to lose.

Where to buy sea buckthorn oil?

If you’re looking to improve not only the appearance of your skin, but hair and nails too, then you definitely want to consider buying sea buckthorn oil. As the top manufacturer of sea buckthorn beauty products, Sibu Beauty uses only top quality sea buckthorn berries in all of its products. Grown in the heights of the Tibetan mountains, Sibu’s berries are certified “Wild-Crafted.” Beyond the incredible benefits of the actual berries, however, when researching where to buy sea buckthorn oil, it is important to look at the company itself.

At Sibu, the process doesn’t start at the distribution plant, it starts in the Himalaya Mountains, with the village workers who pick the berries that make these fine products possible. Without them, we wouldn’t have the highly effective sea buckthorn oils that we have, so we make certain that those villagers have stable, healthy relationships with the company, and are given a good quality life through fair wages and safe working conditions. Sibu Beauty allows them to maintain a decent livelihood, and in exchange, we receive only the highest quality sea buckthorn berries.

Furthermore, Sibu is a sustainable green company, doing everything in their power to have less impact on the environment.

So, with Sibu, you know that you’re not only buying a high quality product that will aid in the rejuvenation of your hair, skin, nails, and body functioning, but you know that you are buying sea buckthorn from a green company that helps villagers in Tibet maintain their lifestyles.

If you are ready to enhance your hair, moisturize your skin, and beautify your nails in a completely natural way, Sibu’s sea buckthorn products are ready to brighten and completely revitalize your appearance. Stop wasting your time and money on chemical filled supplements and expensive creams. A healthy, vibrant look should not be expensive and time-consuming. If you’re looking for the best, natural product on the market, buy sea buckthorn today!

Where to Buy Sea Buckthorn Oil, 4.5 out of 5 based on 543 ratings

59 Responses to “Where to Buy Sea Buckthorn Oil”

  1. judy martin says:

    I am alergic to strawberries, red rspberries, zinc oxide red ( some red dyes (not all). Is this in the same family of berry? I assume there are no added coloring. Thank you. Also do you know of any interferences with drugs ie Thyroid & cholesterol meds?

  2. Josh says:

    Hi Judy,

    There’s no added red coloring and they are not in the same family as strawberries. If you are really interested in trying out sea buckthorn, I would suggest that you should take one capsule (if you are using it orally) and wait one hour to see if you have any adverse effects. Topically, apply to skin and see if redness occurs. If so, then discontinue using it.

    As for interactions with drugs, I would suggest you consult with your local pharmacist for further information. It depends on the strength of the thyroid medication (Synthroid?) and the cholesterol medication.

    Let me know how it goes for you!

  3. Amy says:

    Thanks. I just placed my order for 4 products: sea buckthorn juice, sea buckthorn shampoo and sea buckthorn capsules. I did my research and Sibu was recommended by Dr.Oz so it is a safe place to buy sea buckthorn!

  4. Loraine Byrne-King says:

    Is Sea Buckthorn Oil/ Jiuce etc available in New Zealand please

  5. sripadha says:

    i am buy and using buckthorn oil this very good i like it much

  6. JD says:

    Bottomline, it works. I will continue to use it as long as i need to

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